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"It's Not Worth It" (Sneak Peek: Chapter 2)

Copyright © 2010
All rights reserved to Botta Bing.
ISBN 978-0-557-68213-3

Chapter 2:
“Girl, I cannot wait till tonight! I’m doin’ the fool all through that bitch! Y’all already know we gotta come extra hard tonight, I just might meet my future husband at this party…or should I say I just might snatch somebody’s husband tonight!”
We all laughed as Janessa expressed her excitement about tonight’s event. We were all at Janessa’s crib comparing and critiquing outfits for the night. This was definitely the party of the year. This was the party that “Dream Big Productions”, the hottest record label in Detroit, only threw once a year. People everywhere anticipated this event like it was Detroit’s own Grammy’s or something. Everybody came through to show love, the local radio show hosts, local artists, and even some of the bigger names in the industry. It was a sight to see and the place to be.
“Girl you ain’t lying, I’m not showin’ a speck of remorse for these weak hoes tonight. The whole party gon’ stop when we walk through. You know we’ll be the baddest bitches there, I can hear ‘em hatin already,” Tamela said smiling and giving me a hi-five for approval.
Marcie just stood by and laughed at us while she text someone on her cell phone. Today she was wearing her hair in a bun with swoops in the front and sparkling gold studs in her ears. The up hairstyles she wore always seemed to bring out her shark-shaped gray eyes even more. Her clothes were unique as usual; turquoise shorts that really hugged her ass and hips with capri-cut, leopard-print leggings underneath. Who knows where she found the turquoise, v-neck halter with the leopard-print strings that tied around her neck and back, and showed a tasteful amount of cleavage to match. I’m guessing her aunt made it for her as she did most times. Marcie’s aunt owned her own boutique downtown called Gorgeous Ensembles, where she sold all her designs. Marcie was always getting her to sew up something that only she would think of. She wore it with black thong sandals that wrapped around her ankles, and criss-crossed up below her calves.
“Marcie, girl you been in that corner textin’ for about two hours now. Who the hell you talkin’ to?” Janessa asked.
Marcie smiled because she knew it was coming. “Just my new boo.”
We all laughed. “Who is it this week Marcie?” I teased her. She was always talking about a “new” boo.
“His name is Langston; I met him at Somerset like a month ago.” She said nonchalantly.
Somerset is one of the “high-end” malls in Michigan that sells all the really pricey designer clothes, so we knew Marcie must have been on another paper chase with this “new boo”.
“Somerset, huh?” Tamela pried.
Marcie rolled her eyes. “Yes, Somerset. I already know what ya’ll thinkin’, and it ain’t even like that. He seemed real nice. A little different from what we’re used to in the average Detroit nigga, you know?”
“No. What is that supposed to mean?” Janessa asked looking confused.
“I mean…he wasn’t rude. He didn’t know who I was or try to pretend like he did either. He acted like he found it a privilege to be talkin’ to me, instead of making it seem like he just made my dream come true by showin’ me some attention.”
I understood exactly what Marcie was talking about. Most of the dudes around the city knew who we were, and for some who were looking for recognition it was the only reason they pursued us. They knew we were the most wanted, so they tried to use us to boost their own statuses. The others who already had their egos blown up from most of the women in the city, felt like if they talked to us we were supposed to feel better about ourselves or something. It was flattering, but got annoying at times, so I knew where Marcie was coming from.
“The fact that he was pushin’ a Bentley didn’t hurt either though!” Marcie said, interrupting my thoughts. We all laughed.
Nessa gave Marcie some dap. “Now that’s what I’m talkin about sis! Where da money at?!”
“He’s supposed to be comin’ to see me tonight at the party. He said he’s never been to Cobo for the “Dream Big” party.
“Oh, you must be really feelin’ him bringing him to the party. You know you ain’t gon’ have no fun. He gon’ be tryna act like he own you all night.” Tammy pointed out.
“Nah, I don’t think we’re at that point yet. He said he’s just gonna come through and check it out with some of his boys.”
“Oh hell yea, I’m tryna get with one of his boys if they got cash like him.” I said laughing.
“Go ahead. I told him I had some girls for them.” Marcie replied, encouraging me.
We arrived at Cobo hall that night and the place was jam packed just as we predicted. There were half-dressed females everywhere you turned trying to catch some guy’s attention. It was working too, niggas were looking around the room like they were in heaven licking their lips, howling in approval, and grabbing hands or whatever else the ladies in the building had on display for them as they walked by. I spotted some local artists and members of “Dream Big” in the crowd shaking hands, and trying to dodge the needy females who were desperate for their attention, barely allowing them room to make it through the chaos.
Everywhere we walked there were a group of girls pointing at us and whispering amongst each other, or a girl angrily shoving her boyfriend or man of interest for staring at us too long with lust in his eyes. We were all looking our best and that infuriated every girl in attendance, while it made every man’s day.
I wore a classy yet very sexy, peach, lace, and silk dress that hugged every curve of my body and came to the middle of my thighs in length. It had a low v-cut back, narrowing to a point just before my ass, showing the deep arch in my back, the short sleeves set off of my shoulders, and the lace was sheer at the cleavage, showing off my healthy breasts. I accessorized it with authentic pearls around my neck and wrist, studs in my ears, cream stilettos, with a six inch gold heel, and a gold clutch. My favorite vanilla scent that I placed on my neck, wrist, between my thighs, and cleavage followed me everywhere I went, and lingered in places I had already moved on from. We had the vast majority of the place in awe with all of our flawless and unique beauty. The men that the girls were breaking their necks to get to, were breaking their necks to get a good look at us. We loved it!
I spotted the CEO of “Dream Big” in the midst of all the mayhem with a mic in his hands. The blaring music stopped when he cued the D.J. Everybody turned and looked at him.
“What’s up Detroit? For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rome. This year we decided to combine the 5th Annual “Dream Big” party with my 28th birthday celebration. With that being said, I just want to thank everybody for comin’ out and supportin’ us tonight. I hope everybody can have a good time and leave the bullshit at home. Ya’ll know I don’t tolerate that ignorant shit at my events. Just put it this way, if anybody senses any bullshit about to pop off let me know personally. I guarantee I will put that shit to an end myself, I don’t even know why I’m paying security. Me and my partners will make sure we handle yo’ stupid ass if you try anything. Anyway, that’s about it, let’s bang this mutha fucka out yall!”
Rome cued for the D.J to start the music back up and the crowd went nuts. Everybody in the building knew how serious he was about what he said. Rome had respect from everybody in the city. No nigga would try to test him, and every girl in her right mind wanted to be titled as his woman.
“Lord, that’s a sexy ass motha fucka right there!” I heard a girl standing in front of me say. She sure wasn’t lying. Any female who disagreed was either blind or just plain stupid.
Rome had a flawless caramel complexion like I had never seen. He was about 6’5 and 200 lbs of pure muscle. Every feature about him was perfect, big brown eyes and luscious, kissable lips. He kept his hair cut low to his scalp with the cleanest line up, from his side burns to his goatee. His smile made my day every time I saw it with his perfectly aligned white teeth and those sexy ass dimples. The man was just plain beautiful and he stayed fresh. He was rockin’ brand new $500 grey jeans; a short-sleeved red button-up that he apparently had custom made because it read “Dream Big Productions” on the back in big grey letters, and C.E.O Rome on the flap of his left front pocket. He wore a grey fitted-cap with a red Detroit Tigers’ D on the front and red and grey Prada sneakers. The diamond stud in his ear glistened, and so did his huge chain and matching watch.
“I want him ya’ll.” I said half aloud, while half thinking it to myself.
All of my friends turned and looked at me with smirks. I said those very words every time I saw that man.
“Girl you have been saying that for the longest. What’s stopping you? Get that nigga then.” Marcie said. “You know it ain’t nobody we can’t get.”
“Yea but this is Rome we’re talking about ya’ll.” Tammy interrupted. “He dated an ex member of Destiny’s Child for a year for Christ’s Sake!”
I laughed. “Damn Tammy! You don’t have no faith in ya girl huh? I got this! I’ma make a move tonight. I’m ready.”
Tammy put her hands up in the air, as if to say she surrendered. “I’m just sayin’, you might wanna pump your breaks a little. That’s all.”
In the middle of our mini-discussion we were interrupted by the crowd going wild. A popular song came on and every man was running to get behind a girl that was bouncing her ass. We all bounced to the beat and rapped every word along with the rapper. When the D.J faded the music you still heard the crowd screaming the lyrics. As I started to get into the groove of the music I felt strong hands grab me by the waist. I turned around and saw Carlo, the guy I was supposed to have a date with after the fight. He looked extremely good as usual. He looked me up and down and then hugged me. “Cameron girl, you look too good right now. You know that don’t you?”
I smiled. “Thank You. I guess you don’t look so bad either.”
He hugged me again. He smelled so good. His mocha brown skin was so sexy to me. His long braids were always the neatest, as they were tonight. His eyes were deep and almost hypnotizing, decorated with the longest, curly eyelashes. We talked a little more and then danced to the next song that came on, which was slow. We danced closely, grinding each other to the music. When the lights dimmed he began rubbing his hands down my exposed back and rested them on the nape of my ass.
I felt close to Carlo as we danced. Not close as in distance, that part was obvious, but close emotionally, like I knew him forever. We always had an amazing connection. We were never intimate; we just went out from time to time over the last 6 months. He tried to take it a step further with me a couple of times but I didn’t want to deal with the insane mother of his 2 year old daughter. That bitch stalked me every chance she got, thinking me and Lo had more going on than we really did. She would play on my phone all day until I just got fed up and changed my number. I told Lo to stop leaving his phone around for that crazy heffa to go snooping.
I would just stop giving him my number all together but he threw me a stack or two when I needed it, plus he was my boy. That was the only thing keeping me from giving Adrienne, his baby’s mother, the good ass whoopin’ she needed. I enjoyed his company and we had fun together. He told me he wasn’t involved with his daughter’s mother anymore and that even though she wanted him back the only reason he dealt with her was because of his daughter, Keena. I would’ve been a fool to believe that.
We separated from each other and went our separate ways when the song ended. I turned around and saw Marcie chatting with three dudes I had never seen around before. I figured that the one closest to her must have been Langston, the guy from Somerset. The other two guys looked really out of place. I could tell this was their first time at one of these events. One of them was light-skinned with a low afro cut that was neatly lined up with glasses. The other was dark brown-skinned and actually kind of cute. He had 360 style waves in his head with an earring in his right ear. His eyes were almost hazel but not quite light enough.
Langston was fine, just like Marcie said he was. He was light-skinned as well, but not as light as his friend or Marcie. He was a pretty boy and had the prettiest hair. You could tell he didn’t use any hair products to get his s-curl texture. He had it cut in a mini afro as well. Their style was kind of preppy but they were still fresh. Tammy and Janessa walked up beside me.
“Fresh meat,” Tammy said with a grin, looking at Langston and his friends.
Janessa laughed, “Fresh, rich, suburban meat,” she said giving Tammy a high-five. “By the way, I call the dark-skinned one,” she looked back and winked at us as she went over to introduce herself.
Marcie gestured for us all to come over and meet her friends.
“This is Kendall,” she yelled over the music pointing to the dark skinned one, “this is Justin, and this is Langston, the one I was tellin’ ya’ll about.” Langston seemed to be the most laid-back and cool out of the three, but I really wasn’t interested in any of them.
We all waved and shook hands after we were all introduced. The boys looked mesmerized; they stood there gawking at us like we were the four most beautiful women they had ever seen. Tammy and Nessa started dancing with Kendall and Justin, while Marcie and Langston found a corner to converse.
I was busy skimming the crowd looking for Rome. Then I spotted him, on the other side of the room. I made my way through all the dancing people, until I was standing almost beside him. It was something about that man that made me so nervous. I was usually so sure of myself around men. I was used to being in control. I never even had to approach a guy they always came to me. That was what I had to do, find a way to make Rome approach me. I wasn’t about to be like every other girl at this party and just throw myself at him. That was no way to stand out.
He was in my view and we caught eye contact. Just then, some guy came up to me. “Damn Cameron! You just get more beautiful every time I see you girl.”
I didn’t even know who this dude was, but he apparently knew who I was. I was getting annoyed until I looked over and noticed Rome was still looking. I figured I would use whoever this nigga was as a prop to put on a show for Rome. I was gonna let him see me freak this dude on the dance floor, and that would definitely get his attention.
“Well, Thank You.” I said, turning my attention back to Mr. Random. “Let’s dance.” I whispered in his ear.
“Oh fasho,” he said trying to be calm but looking a little too excited. I rolled my eyes as I walked in front of him and put his arms around my waist and started moving to the beat. When I started feeling the beat I rotated my hips in a circular motion, moving my ass against his crotch. I let him put his hands on my hips as I moved. I looked over and saw that Rome was still watching so I began to really perform. I leaned to the front and let my ass wiggle on my dummy. More dudes started watching as I did my thing, and Rome watched a little more intensely as well.
“Damn!” I heard Mr. Random say behind me. I began to pop my ass harder and lift my dress a little so I would have more room to move the way I wanted. Mr. Random began rubbing my bare legs as I vibrated my ass on his dick through his pants which was now hard as a rock. The whole time I danced I kept eye contact with Rome, licking my lips and running my hands through my hair. I grabbed the guy’s hands and squatted down low bouncing around a minute before coming back up ass first, then touching my toes, arching my back and bouncing my ass at the same time. That nigga was going crazy, and so were all the niggas that were watching my show. I flipped my hair as I flung myself back up from my bending position to look back at Rome, but he wasn’t there anymore. I stopped dancing and looked around some more, but I didn’t see him anywhere. Mr. Random tried to pull me back to him to finish the dance but I pushed him away and made my way back to the other side of the crowd. My dance with him was no longer necessary. I couldn’t believe that my performance wasn’t good enough to hold Rome’s attention. Most niggas already wanted me, but every nigga wanted me after they saw me work on the dance floor. Maybe Tammy was right about this one, I thought.
I searched the crowd for my friends, but I didn’t see them either. As I looked for them, a familiar looking girl walked pass and bumped me really hard. She turned around and said “Oops,” while smiling a sarcastic smile. I stared back at her with eyes of rage, “Yea, oops is right!” I said. This is just what I needed. It was my ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, Malinda. This bitch just couldn’t get enough. This was the same girl we kept getting into it with every time we went out. It kept getting worst and worst each time.
Jamel and I had broken up over a year ago when he went away to Atlanta for school. I was still in high school and didn’t want a long distance relationship so we broke up. He ended up moving back to take care of his mother because she had gotten very sick. We hooked up a lot when he came back, and ended up getting back together. While we were together I found out that he had been cheating on me with Malinda. I was so heartbroken. He was the first guy I really had feelings for and he betrayed me. I was faithful to him the whole time and he totally disrespected me. When he saw that I was never gonna give in and get back with him he gave up and started a relationship with Malinda. He tells me all the time that he would rather be with me and she could never take my place, but I just wanted to fuck. Jamel had the best dick I ever had. When Malinda found out we were still fucking, she didn’t want to leave him. Instead she wanted to harass me every time she saw me, as if she wasn’t the man stealing bitch to begin with. I didn’t know how many times I would have to beat this bitch’s ass before she realized the problem wasn’t with me, but with her cheating ass man. It’s crazy what good dick will do to a female.
That was the problem with women. Instead of just leaving their unfaithful men, they would rather fight the female he was cheating with. They would rather fight the female he was making a fool out of her with, instead of just saving themselves the embarrassment and kicking his ass to the curb. After being cheated on by Jamel and countless other dudes before him I decided that I wouldn’t be the bitch getting her feelings hurt anymore. If men were going to continue to cheat, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be the one who was left attached to the man who didn’t care enough about me to be faithful. Instead I would be the girl with no strings attached that moved on when I found something better. It seemed like the solution to my man problems.
I didn’t give a fuck about Malinda. As far as I was concerned, I had Jamel first and as long as he wasn’t taking their relationship seriously enough to stop fucking me and be faithful to her, I wasn’t taking that shit serious either. You don’t come by good dick often, so as long as he was offering, I was taking. This dumb bitch wasn’t scaring me.
Malinda stood there looking stupid with her short red hair and thong sandals. She was classless, and I truly didn’t understand what Jamel saw in her. I was trying to figure out where my sisters were before anything popped off. I didn’t know how many people she had with her. Now, was the perfect opportunity for them to take advantage of me while I was alone.
Malinda was still standing there staring at me with hatred in her eyes. I wasn’t feeling the whole western stare down thing, and I couldn’t stand to look at her another moment or I would’ve slapped her stupid lookin’ ass. Besides that, I was in no position to make a first move being alone like this. There was no telling what Malinda and her friends would try to do to me. I recognized two of the girls that were with her, but I wasn’t sure if she had extra people with her that could catch me off guard. “I don’t have time for this bull shit.” I said rolling my eyes, and turning to walk away. As soon as I turned my head Malinda yanked me by my hair.
Her friends stood in front of me, and like I had suspected, there were more people with her than the two girls I recognized. There were three other girls with her, daring me to move from the grip Malinda still had on my hair. She placed her free arm around my neck and had me in a choke hold. People around us started to notice and stare.
“You had to catch me by myself to feel tough huh?” I said.
“Bitch, don’t try yo’ luck. You betta be glad the cops came last time and saved yo’ fuckin’ life. Trust me, if it wasn’t for them yo’ home wreckin’ ass wouldn’t be breathin’ right now.”
“Bitch, they saved your life. If you were about all this shit you talkin’ about, you would have taken this opportunity to show me. It’s clear that you full of shit though, ‘cuz you still ain’t done nothin’.”
Her friends and everybody who was watching looked shocked that I was still holding my ground despite being by myself. I saw a couple of other girls whose men I had been involved with looking happy that Malinda had me in the position she did.
Malinda laughed. “Look hoe, I’m only gonna tell you this one more time.” She yanked my head back by my hair, and I could smell the strong aroma of alcohol on her breath. “Leave my man the fuck alone, or I will find you, and there will be no more talking. You got that?”
I couldn’t take it anymore. I was angry that she was putting on a show in front of everybody while I was alone, knowing that she had just got her ass kicked last week. One thing I could not tolerate was a bitch that ran her mouth and made scenes in front of people, but knew she couldn’t really back it up.
“No, how about we just stop talking now?” I yanked my head back hard and bust Malinda in the face with the back of my head. She let me loose from her grip, and I turned to see blood running from her nose, and her eyes squinted.
“Oh, hell naw!” Her friends said, as they started swinging at me. None of them made contact before I felt security lift me from behind and start carrying me out of the party. I kicked and tried to get loose. I was furious! I still didn’t know where my friends were and I was being kicked out of the party. I looked to my left and saw Marcie and Tammy coming out of the restroom laughing. When they saw me they immediately started screaming my name.
“Cam! What the hell happened?” I heard them saying, not in any particular harmony.
“That dumb bitch Malinda happened!” I yelled back at them. Go find Janessa! We have to go!”
I heard them running to go find her, as the man placed me back on my feet and pushed me out the door. I was surprised at who I saw when I turned around and faced my carrier. It wasn’t security, it was Rome. My anger started to transform into complete embarrassment. He looked angry. I saw Malinda and her friends being carried out by security to another exit. Malinda was still trying to hold her bloody nose up to stop the bleeding. Rome just stood there looking at me.
“Where did you park?” He asked, still looking angry.
“In the lot off Fort street.” I replied, not knowing what to think about what had just happened so fast.
“Come on. I’m gonna walk you to your car so you can meet your friends at the door.”
“Ok.” I didn’t know what else to say. Rome was so in control, and so sure of himself. He just made me feel submissive to him with his fine ass.
We began walking towards our destination.
“You know, you’re too pretty to be fighting. Keep it up and you’re gonna give those girls just what they want. They just wanna take away your beauty.”
I saw his face as he spoke, but it sounded like my mother’s voice coming from it.
“Look, I don’t need any lectures, okay?” I said, jumping to defense mode. “I get enough of those from my mother. Besides, what happened in there wasn’t my fault. She was the one trying to put on a show in front of everybody.”
“If I’m not mistaken, you put on quite a show yourself before all that popped off.” I smiled to myself. I knew that Rome would be no exception to the many men that craved me, especially after seeing me on the dance floor, but I played dumb.
“What are you talkin’ about? What show?”
I looked up into his eyes, and it was like he saw straight through me. It was right then that I knew he wasn’t the type that was about games. I couldn’t play him like I did the rest of these chumps.
“Girl, don’t even try it. You was throwin’ that ass back like you was tryin’ to hurt lil’ dude.” He smiled, revealing those sexy, deep dimples.
I smiled back. “Well, I just like to have fun on the dance floor, that’s all.”
“I can tell.”
“I’m sorry about what happened back there. Hope I didn’t ruin your party.”
“Nah, it’s cool. You betta be glad you look like you do or I would be pissed right now. Just don’t let that shit happen again.”
“Fair enough.”
When we made it to my Jeep, Rome hopped in the passenger’s seat to ride back to the party with me. We didn’t say much of anything as I drove back to the entrance. We were back in front of Cobo Hall in like 10 seconds.
He got out. “Alright now, you stay out of trouble…?” He paused for me to fill in my name.
“Cameron, stay out of trouble. Alright?”
“I got you.” I said, waiting on something more. A handshake, an exchange of numbers, a head nod would have even been nice, but he didn’t even look back. Just closed my door and turned to walk away.
“Hey!” I called out before he got too far away.”
“What’s up?”
“Happy Birthday!”
“Thank you.” That was all he said. Then he ran up the stairs and back through the entrance.
“Conceited bastard.” I said, rolling my eyes. He was trying to make me work for him. I wasn’t used to that at all.


  1. not bad... i may check the book out...

  2. I like this chapter! It's very visual and I could picture it the whole time I was reading it.

  3. “I mean…he wasn’t rude. He didn’t know who I was or try to pretend like he did either. He acted like he found it a privilege to be talkin’ to me, instead of making it seem like he just made my dream come true by showin’ me some attention.”

    You do a great job going in depth with descriptions. Creates a vivid visual